Zebrane pojęcia/terminy/akronimy ze świata telekomunikacji (i nie tylko).

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3GPP ma specyfikację opisującą wiele skrótów i terminow - [21.905]


3GPP - 3rd Generation Partnership Project


AAA - Authentication Authorization Accounting
AAL - ATM Adaptation Layer
AMR - Adaptive Multi Rate
AMF - Access and Mobility Management Function
AS - Application Server
AUSF - Authentication Server Function


BSC - Base Station Controler
BGCF - Breakout Gateway Control Function
BICC - Bearer Independent Call Control
BTS - Base Transceiver Station
BSS - Base Station Subsystem


CC - Call Control
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
CSCF - Call Session Control Function
CSFB - Circuit Switch Fallback
CM - Connection Management
CS - Circuit Switched


DCH - Dedicated Channel


EUL - Enhanced Uplink
E-DCH - Enhanced Dedicated Channel
EDGE - Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
EPS - Evolved Packet System


FDD - Frequency Division Duplex
FDMA - Frequency Divsion Multiple Access


GERAN - GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network
GGSN - Gateway GPRS Supporting Node
GMSC - Gateway Mobile Switching Center
GPRS - General Packet Radio Service
GSM - Global System for Mobile Telecommunication
GTP - GPRS Tunneling Protocol


HLR - Home Location Register
HSCSD - High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSPA - High Speed Packet Access
HSS - Home Subscriber System


IAM - Initial Address Message
I-CSCF - Interrogating Call Session Control Function
IMS - IP Multimedia Subsystem
IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IP - Internet Protocol
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISR - Idle mode Signalling Reduction
ISUP - ISDN User Part


LA - Location Area
LAU - Location Area Update
LTE - Long Term Evolution


MSC - Mobile Switching Center
MGCF - Media Gateway Control Function
MGW - Media GateWay
MO - Mobile Originated
MME - Mobility Management Entity
MMTel - MultiMedia Telephony
MRFC - Media Resource Function Controller
MRFP - Media Resource Function Processor
MSC-S - Mobile Switching Center – Server
MT - Mobile Terminated


NMO - Network Mode of Operation / Network Operation Mode


QoS - Quality of Service


RAN - Radio Access Network
RNC - Radio Network Controler
RA - Routing Area
RAU - Routing Area Update
RAT - Radio Access Technology
RNS - Radio Network Subsystem
RRC - Radio Resource Control
RTT - Round Trip Time


S-CSCF - Serving Call Session Control Function
SAE - System Architecture Evolution
SBC - Session Border Controller
SLF - Subscription Locator Function
SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
SCTP - Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SGSN - Serving GPRS Supporting Node
SGW - Serving GateWay
SMS - Short Message Service
SRVCC - Single Radio Voice Call Continuity
SS7 - Signalling System No 7


TA - Tracking Area
TAU - Tracking Area Update
TDD - Time Division Duplex
TDMA - Time Division Mutiple Access
TDM - Time Division Multiplexing


UTRAN - UMTS Terrestial Radio Access Network
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UE - User Equipment


VoIP - Voice over IP
VLR - Visitor Location Register


WCDMA - Wideband Code Division Multiple Access